Bio: As a youth Andre’s living conditions in the rural town of Brandywine, MD were tough forcing him to wonder, “Is this all life has to offer?” Through books and role models, his mind was opened to a world filled with winners. Though not first in all his endeavors, Andre realized that winning was obtainable, which made him focus on lessons learned. Having made a mental transformation from poor to broke to achieving wealth, Andre understands that winning is paramount. His mission now is to make certain that others understand what "winning" really is. A man of many talents – author, professional speaker, corporate trainer and business therapist. Andre is passionate in his beliefs and the desire to better himself and others. From 2000 Andre hosted two radio shows, “Andres All About Business Show” and “Love and Happiness” a relationship program. In 2011, he released a book entitled, “Yes You Can!” It is an introspective look into real mastery of ones life. With a background in business therapy and sales he has managed offices of Fortune 100 companies motivating his staff to perform at record levels by following his leadership and direction. Andre has trained multitudes of people in sales, teaching, customer service and the art of listening. Now, he shares on a grander scale the ideas and concepts that will improve your mental outlook on life and self, whether you are tackling finances or struggling with life altering issues. His instruction and information does more than motivate -- it demonstrates and reveals the outcome of applying his philosophy to achieve empowerment and motivation. His professional accomplishments are plentiful but Andre considers his greatest achievement to be his family.
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