Bio: I consider myself an entrepreneur. Which translates to generally unemployable by anyone but me. Owning a bar offers freedom from the corporate yoke, flexibility, a non-stop display of the human condition and the enviable opportunity to meet and interact with the fascinating variety of people flowing through NYC. But honestly, if you run a small business you don't own it, it owns you. It's difficult to succeed if you don't accept that, in the end, even if you're an expert at delegating, it is all your responsibility. I've learned that everything changes. Embracing it, rather than fighting it, makes the journey far more enjoyable. Specialties: I'm the CEO, CFO, COO head of marketing and public relations and I handle all special events for Madame X (see: . It's a non-stop three ring circus and a constant battle against chaos and entropy. It's like running a mini-city and has convinced me public office is for masochists. You've got to be highly organized and a little bit nuts to run a successful bar. Also helps if you don't over-sample the merchandise. My social media handle is @madamexnyc (for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
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