Bio: A New York native, Amy moved to Los Angeles in the early 70's to pursue a career in hosiery sales, a field that had traditionally been a man's world. Using the best business and sales training from her father, she began her career as a sales representative for Berkshire Hosiery in Los Angeles. It took a lot of hard, tedious phone calls, cold calls, and perseverance, but Amy took Berkshire Hosiery from a $10,000.00 cost territory to a million dollar territory, not including San Diego. After being the representative and district manager for Berkshire, she decided to have a family and delegate the sales representative position and become the sales coordinator and marketing manager for the leading Los Angeles department stores that carried Berkshire Hosiery. She continues in that role to this day. Amy's hobbies include yoga, spiritual retreats, traveling to indigenous places of culture and beauty, taking continued education classes in art, history, literature, cooking and eating good food, playing and nurturing her garden to her satisfaction and spending time with her family and friends. She is also an avid amateur photographer and loves taking pictures of people, objects, landscapes, flowers, vegetables and anything else that looks interesting.
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