Bio: Amanda is a New York City native and graduate of Vassar College where she majored in Film and received high departmental honors for her work, which focused mainly on film theory. Before college she attended middle and High school at Professional Performing Arts School in NYC, first as a musical theatre major and then as technical theatre major. At PPAS she honed her skills in sound, light and costume design, direction and stage management. Her artistic interests were and remain seemingly scattered, but led to all kinds of amazing creative and leadership projects including a documentary she filmed in Ethopia at 16 (“Manhattan to Mekelle”). While in college she distanced herself from the theatre, focused on film and spent her extra curricular time either planning all-campus events or photographing them. She quickly became an avid photographer and her on–campus recognition for and success in photography led to off-campus opportunities in print, portrait, event and concert photography. After graduation Amanda went on to work in a number of jobs to support her photography and love of travel, most notably as a digital archivist for private cliental across NYC. Amanda recently committed to wanderlust and has spent the last few months traveling Europe on her own. She returns New York City with an ever-growing portfolio, which includes everything from portraits of the late Pete Seeger, to high profile gallery events,to album cover design, to travel photography, to more personal prints from her own time on the road. Before potentially launching into a Masters in photography, Amanda hopes to continue to feed her travel bug and love for the arts with grants that will help her do and share what she loves. Top on her list of photo goals are to: shoot for Photographers Without Boarders, to create her own Sociological photo documentary of the party culture in Montanita, Ecuador, and to tour with bands or artists as a photo journalist, all while becoming the new and improved Annie Leibovitz. All in all, Amanda hopes to continue to dedicate her life to exploring and sharing the world through art. She’s currently working on a long-term documentary portrait project about bliss that will explore dreams, passion and ambition in young people around the world through photographic prose and poem. In her spare time Amanda enjoys writing and shooting for Wildspice online magazine, fitness, yoga and finding new Gluten free and wholistic food recipes and photographing her friends and family.
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