Bio: Alvin S. Puentevella is an entrepreneur of many hats, an assembler and developer. At present he is engaged in developing a distressed notes platform for the acquisition of distressed residential mortgage notes nationwide. He is also working on developing indoor farms, generally in the Tri-State area of NYC, using advanced hydroponics and aquaponics technologies for the production of fresh, local & organic produce and fish stock. Alvin’s professional background includes a combined 12 years of hands-on experience in Real Estate development, construction management, property and asset management, acquisitions, business development, market and project analysis, and office and residential leasing. He was the Founder and CEO of Cosmopolitan Accommodations LLC, a New York City based Real Estate hospitality agency providing furnished apartment hotel services to both local and international itinerant communities. As a steward and developer, Alvin envisions, and supports, the creation of ecologically enhancing and self-sustaining development hamlets throughout the world that make use of all leading-edge knowledge and technologies such as complex-agroforestry, concept of triple bottom line, indoor farming, energy efficiency practices, decentralized economies, bio-remediation, culture shift education, best permaculture practices, clean alternative energy such as wind, solar and hydro, clean alternative housing, recycling techniques and biodiversity re-introduction and protection. He is pleased to be Board Member of Organizational Development for the New York Chamber Players, a 42 piece professional and edgy classical orchestra that has been in operation as a non-profit for 8 years.
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