Bio: Hi! My name is Aidan O’Keeffe, and I'm a freshman in the Macaulay Honors Program at City College studying anthropology, archaeology, and anthropology. In just a year, I’ve learned a ton about bioanthropology, archaeological techniques, and evolutionary history. Moreover, while working on an archaeological dig at the Achill Archaeological Field School in Ireland, I helped unearth a pre-famine settlement, discovered several fascinating artifacts, and gained a unique, first-hand insight into what a career in anthropology would be like. In addition, I am incredibly interested in the entertainment industry, specifically music. I’ve played piano since I was three, and I have experience with the guitar, the drums, the violin, and vocals. I also have experience with various DAWs such as Logic Pro X, Ableton, Pro Tools, and FL Studio. I am a member of Macaulay’s Chamber Music Society, and I’ve performed at several concerts, recitals, and showcases. I’ve taken lessons with a variety of teachers and at a variety of institutions, such as the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. Outside of music, I have a passion for theater and acting. During the summer, I work at Brooklyn Acting Lab as a Teaching Artist, where I teach inquiry-driven acting classes. Finally, I am also interested in writing and journalism. My father, Michael O’Keeffe, is a journalist, so I’ve been around writing for all of my life. In a summer internship at the New-York Historical Society, I learned multiple writing, research, and journalistic techniques and published an article on “To Kill a Mockingbird” author Harper Lee for the site Literary Manhattan.
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