Bio: I am Adam Auslander and I am a former Ringling Bros clown. (Aren't we all). I am also an actor who has studied with Uta Hagen. And an award winning short film maker -'The Thin Blue Sign'. I have played Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center and balanced a large cross on my chin as Jesus on the Conan O’Brien show. I helped Vincent D'Onfrio and Kathryn Erbe find a killer on Law and Order Criminal Intent. I have been in a bathroom with Robert DeNiro in the film Being Flynn and done group therapy with John Travolta in Old Dogs. A Miss America once snapped my Ninja Turtle costume crotch. Did I mention Carnegie Hall? I've entertained First Ladies (at the Clinton Inauguration) and an ex president in NJ. Recently was a TAPNYC Monologue Challenge finalist and currently in the Neil Patrick Harris Variety Show teaser which aired on the Super Bowl and the SNL 40th show. When I'm not at home yelling at my kids or getting yelled at by my wife I am entertaining pediatric hospital patients. My hobbies are needlepoint and crocheting, not really, actually it's keeping my biodieseled 1991 Mercedes with 250,000 miles on it, on the road.
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