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Happy 2020!.Not only have we entered a new decade, the date of the year 2020 is also a slang expression for having clear vision.  Clear vision comes from improving yourself. I am a big believer in making one resolution that you keep. Last year my resolution was to do “more of less.” I was not giving any of my projects my full attention, and I had to focus. I did this, and gave up one or two of my projects, and was then able to work in a highly effective manner on the ones that remained.

This year, my New Year’s resolution is to become more results oriented, and to consider each action in terms of what is my objective in doing it.  It has only been three days since the new year, and I am finding myself easily becoming more focused and happier.

Making a resolution that you can keep is a great way to build up your self-confidence. Pick something small that you can do such as looking up a new word a day, and it write it down. “I will look up a new word every day.” Post this somewhere will you will see it often, and keep a list of how often you meet your resolution. The exercise also builds self-discipline and self-trust, which is why you start with a promise to yourself that you can keep.

On another note, I’m so excited to be introducing our new project, YourFridayFunnys.

It’s a newsletter with six animated comedy clips, sent on every Friday of the week . Please go to the website and subscribe, and if you like the laughs, please share as much as you can. We’re looking to make a lot of people laugh.

About the Funny’s: Dave Manstream is my writing partner. He’s the creator of these clips, and I am executive producing, as well as coming up with some jokes. Please enjoy them and let me know your reactions.

Here’s to your successful writing,

Professor Marilyn Horowitz

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Here’s to your successful writing,

Professor Marilyn Horowitz

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