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This week, we bring you an interview with model and Instagram personality Dian Griesel (@silverdisobedience), two authority’s picks for the world’s best places to retire in 2020, an audiologist’s advice on approaching the sensitive subject that is hearing loss, how “care team navigators” are giving on-call support to family caregivers  — plus much more.

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Dian Griesel

Silver Disobedience influencer Dian Griesel on aging, priorities and surprise selfies
Houses lining a street

See what these two lists say and do your own homework
Helene Rosenthal and her husband Jim

6 ideas for bringing up an often touchy subject with your loved one
Dr. Arthur Kleinman and his wife, Joan

This Harvard professor reveals what he learned from taking care of his wife
2020 Goal Planner

Scheduling time for reflection will never be a waste of time
Helen Medsger and her sister, Maureen Shaw

This low-tech approach has shown the ability to greatly improve quality of life
Dorea Moore, left, with her mother, Emily Moore.

Caregivers navigating complex, emotional situations to meet their needs and others’
A Few Good Friends” (Credit: Vicki Sawyer)

Vicki Sawyer paints birds in hats and critters in costumes
Nina Bandoni, founder of the Sharing a Journey blog

Why it can be an ideal time of life to launch a venture

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