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Hi everyone,

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about The Guide. Yes, it’ll be free. You’ll need to sign in to post. We’ll moderate it to ensure the content is good (like Wikipedia). It’ll be great for discussions (like Reddit).

And here’s how it’ll stop anti-busking legislation being passed:

A little bit of background noise, sorry about that! Recorded outside my office.
As you can see from the video above, this crowdfunder is making me lose what little hair I have left. Lily’s getting seriously worried about our future together. So please help save our marriage by going to to give a little something!

Listen to these busking advocates tell you why that’s a good idea:

“I wish it had existed for the last 20 years that I’ve been travelling around” – Julian Bell from The Show Salon
“I’ll be able to help buskers across the country fight for their 1st Amendment rights” – William J. Dorsett from San Diego Buskers and Artists.
“This will help us stay informed and to organise” – Laura Hagnäs from Berlin Street Music.
Make this happen by donating here:

Thank you!





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