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Use and improve your creative writing skills to develop subjects into characters and describe the action of your film in a more dynamic, readable way.

Next to the script, the schedule and the budget are the most important tools for realizing your narrative project. Consider our upcoming Direct Access for budgeting in conjunction with this class!

Building a budget for your project may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. At our next Direct Access event taking place on Monday, December 9th, through a series of talks we hope to demystify the budgeting process. The talks will include perspectives and resources on how to prepare a cost-effective budget, what investors are looking for in a budget to greenlight a project and insights from producers who will share their stories of missteps and mistakes that have proven to be valuable lessons. Hear from veteran producers and investors such as Lisa Kjerulff (The Fits), Jess Kwan (Archer Gray), Carolyn Hepburn (One Child Nation). Direct Access for budgeting pairs well with our new class Narrative Development.
Join us for a celebration and presentation for our Made in NY Fellows! Over the last year, the Media Center had the honor of hosting six amazing and innovative media makers and companies. To celebrate, the outgoing cohort will present where their projects are now.
LIFT Your Story is a series of interactive workshops designed to help startup founders build and elevate their companies using best practices and proven storytelling techniques from leaders in media and technology. LIFT Your Story is partnership between Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs and the Media Center.
The instructor for the December 5th event, Ellen Park, a UX designer who is passionate about using storytelling and empathy to craft innovative and human-centered digital experiences. Currently, she is a Senior UX Product Designer at EPIX, a premium TV network and streaming service owned by MGM

Over the course of seven workshops in New York City and Philadelphia, founders will hear from industry experts on creating a business plan, turning that plan into a business, pitching and selling, building a team, product design and fundraising. Workshops are free to attend, though prior registration is necessary. Full schedule here.

For the first time in years, IFP has updated our membership levels and added new perks. In addition to the existing levels IFP Digital and Z, the level formerly called “General” is now called Essential. There are also two new levels of membership called IFP Pro and IFP Resident. New perks include access to Meet the Decision MakersDirect AccessPremium Variety Business Intelligence, and more.

“In thinking how we can give back more to the community and create new types of programs that will more directly benefit you, we’ve decided to revamp our membership levels. The goal is the same as it’s always been: to make your project happen,” says IFP Executive Director Jeff Sharp, regarding the membership updates.

Learn about the new levels and benefits of IFP Membership on our updated website. If you have further questions, please contact our Director of Membership & Strategic Partnerships, Kia Brooks.

The Gotham Audience Award screenings begin finish up November 25th. Only IFP members can view and vote and you can join IFP now for a discount. Use code GOTHAMS2019 at checkout for 20% off and find the full schedule in your member dashboard!

To attend the ceremony and support the non-profit efforts of IFP, a limited number of tables and tickets are available for purchase. For more information, click here.


Freelancers Union‘s health plans are handpicked for freelancers. Choose coverage before the December 15 open enrollment deadline here.

Forgotten Island
December 19

Forgotten Island is a six-part documentary series about the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. The series features people from across the island as they find ways to cope with the devastation. Each episode employs archival footage, split screens, slow motion footage and an original electronic score to create an immersive and impressionistic portrait of an island in emotional turmoil.

Forgotten Island is influenced by the direct cinema style of the Maysles brothers as well as experimental audiovisual experiences like Koyaanisqatsi and Samsara. The film is directed and scored by Mark Partridge. Mark is a Puerto Rican filmmaker, composer and sound designer based in Brooklyn. Watch the trailer here.


As a creative freelancer, it is essential for you to understand your rights in your creations, and what to do if you believe those rights have been violated. Any creative freelancer can take simple steps  to protect ownership rights in their work. We will discuss the basics of copyright law, what it does and does not cover, and steps you can take to help prevent copyright infringement of your work.

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