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Hello folks!

Most of our emails are about upcoming workshops, events, shows and beyond.

We wanted to shake things up… and say thank you for walking with us, opening our emails, and being a part of the CMS family.

So, instead of telling you all the reasons you should join us at the next workshop coming up quick, we thought it would be more powerful to give you a taste of what you can learn.

Over the next week or so, I’m going to send you 5 videos we filmed at our last upstate workshop… each one with a lesson you can use right now.

And you can watch the first one here.

These are short, two to three minute videos, where our guiding artists reveal a simple idea or two that you can apply to your music (and life) right away.

In this first video, Karl Berger is dropping what might be one of the most important ideas behind improvisation… true, authentic, unique-to-you improvisation.

This is one of those lessons you don’t learn in a music school.

Go here to watch it.

And if two minutes is not enough… if you want a few days of this… go here to join us in October.





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