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News From Your Flobel Community Network

Dear Friends and Advisors

Happy July!!  We welcome our newest advisors. Please check out their bios below. Welcome to our growing community of creative entrepreneurs!!

Networking & Events

Still New York

Our Still New York videos are still being edited and should be up on our own Still New York Channel by next month. Please join our mailing list at: There will be free webinars to help small businesses and interviews with some of our colorful advisors on “Why New York is still important as the Cultural Capital of the World and a Destination for Global Dreamers and Entrepreneurs”.
We are also selling hats and t-shirts for $30 each for anyone who wants to support the cause: Thanks to advisors Lucy and Erin for designing the new merch. (for great merch of any type email

Women Who Lunch

Thanks to everyone who attended our recent 6/16 Women Who Lunch on Zoom. Our next will be hosted by Advisors Rivka Rivera and Kim Lockett and will likely be in September. To be invited, please email The event is free

Film Committee

  • We are relaunching our Film Committee on 7/14/21 by Zoom. With over 300 advisors in Film and TV, we hope to put together a resource directory to help people connect. Please join on our Master Spreadsheet here and use this SIGN UP LINK. If you want to join the First Virtual Meet-up: 7/14/21 (2pm/5est)
  • “My First Pandemic”: a group anthology on what we learned during the Pandemic. We are collecting short stories (essays of 500-1500 words), along with photos and drawings to accompany them, describing what lessons we have all learned during the Pandemic. We are thinking of collecting advisor stories about what we learned during the Pandemic and making it into an anthology. Would you be interested in writing a short story ? we are looking for a few good examples to launch the project. Deadline is 7/31/21 for submissions. Please email if you want to submit.
  • Please note that the Pandemic is not over yet.  There are new variants which are spreading rapidly (particularly the new Lambda Variant from South America and the Delta Variant  from India (both of which are spreading globally). Please mask up and stay vigilant. Please encourage friends and family to get vaccinated if they have not already done so.

Calls to Action

We Love India. We are planning a fundraiser to help India and other LDC’s being hit hard by the current Pandemic. We are hoping to help raise money to send PPE and materials to those most at risk there and to help promote Vaccine Equity. We are planning a possible concert in LA in September based on the theme “Shakti Fest LA” . (“Shakti” means “female empowerment” and we will be raising money for the women only free, private Shakti School in Bengal, India. Please see: and email if you would like to be involved especially if you have contacts with possible large NGO sponsors.
The US has made a lot of progress in the past few months, but the Pandemic has created a widening of the inequality gap globally see. Working together we can help promote Vaccine Equity, create more social justice, and bring peace in the world.

Social Media Team (Madwomen) looking for work Do you have a small business and need help with your social media? Please let us know and we will connect you with advisors Leanna Bonetti and Melanie Peterson, our Mad Women Team.  Also, please send us your Instagram handle so we can follow you from our new IG account. Email me at I finally met Debra Cooper, the founder of Mad Women in NYC last month. She has helped counsel so many of our young advisors on How to Tell their Stories, so they can get jobs. See her free web series from last summer here. And her website Your Career Design Lab.

Help Drew Andrews and his summer camp for at risk kids: PLEASE SHARE and Be a part of Something Special! DONATE:👉🏾 This summer the Center for Creative Education (CCE) in Midtown Kingston will hold its annual Summer Arts and Education Enrichment Program, and we need your help. See all the detail Here

Summer Internships We are still looking for Summer Internships for our amazing advisors. Got an intergenerational job to offer or know a person interested in learning a new field, please email Please support our community of global advisors and their important work as shown in our Community News.

NUDES Advisor Evan Daves would like let you know that “Nudes” is now live on NoBudge2 – we would love your help in spreading the word!!

  • Follow @NoBudge on Instagram and share their posts regarding the film!
  • Tag @evandaves so we can include your posts in our stories
  • Checkout the No Budge Site to sign up for a 7 day free trial to stream.

Happy 81st Birthday Ringo Starr!! Ringo Starr’s 81st Birthday in 7/7/21 and he is asking everyone to post and say #Love& Peace At 12 PM in whatever time zone you are in on Wednesday 7/7/21.

Community Messages

#Love& Peace
Keep swinging and stay foxy,
Dan Schneider
Executive Director,
The Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation

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