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Friends and Advisors

Happy July 4th!!! Please wear a mask if you go outside. It is not a political statement, it is an IQ test!!

We welcome our new advisors to our growing community of creative entrepreneurs:

I want to thank all who participated in our virtual Town Hall – Part 2 on June 11th where we had meaningful dialogue about the details of possible scenarios on the prosecution of the murderers of George Floyd and continued discussions about police brutality in the US and possible solutions for organizational and cultural change. Thanks to advisors Arthur and Evelyne Matthews and Ravi Hutheesing for leading the discussion. Thanks also to our special guests Greg Bradley, Esq., Isabelle Kirshner, Esq. and Joel Shackleford. See the part 1 here: The video from Part 2 Is available here:

Joel is also our first advisor artist in our new Virtual Art Gallery. Our latest artists is Joe Randell. See:

Please email Joe at :  and wish him a Happy Birthday !! He has some great photographs for sale.

Our most recent online series called. “College Life to Real Life” as led by advisor Debra Cooper . You can watch the series on demand here:

Thanks to Debra for helping us organize our new volunteer social media squad, The Mad Women. For a recent story of their origin, see:

From advisor Milo Hess :

Here is the most recent podcast by advisor Arthur T. Matthews, Esq:

Our Virtual First Monday’s Variety Chat Show has been postponed until Monday 7/6/20 . It’s been pre-taped and will feature advisors Cory Kahaney , Nicole Johnson Brence Platner Tony Daniels and Cassandra Kubinski , and advisor Nicole Javanna Johnson with advisor Tony Travis as the MC

Please email for a special discount code for our sponsor , www.TheViceWine,com (free delivery on all cases).

To register, go to: First’s Monday’s

Our most recent Nectar News article is about advisor Nicole Javanna Johnson. In this interview, Nicole also addresses online learning for students and weighs in on the long-awaited rising of this generation’s Civil Rights movement. Please check it out at :

Our next distance learning course will be a 5 week course : “A Green Future: Race: Gender: Environment” . The series will commence on Tuesday 7/7 with special guest Dr. Michael Mann and will run until Tuesday 8/4. It will be led by advisors Dr. Heidi Hutner and Dennis Yerry and will have world renowned guests each week . You can pre-register now here :

You do not want to miss this one.

Please support our 1,000 plus advisors and their good works, some of which are listed in the “community news” below.

Finally , we are currently developing a social media campaign to promote Voting By Mail . It’s called #DontKillGrandma . Please email me if you’d like to volunteer.

Stay safe , stay strong and keep the faith!!

If you need a free mask, please email us. We got masks.

Namaste from 6 feet away,

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