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New Poster! New Tour!
Here's what's in this newsletter:
---> 36 Husbands at Babylon Cinema in Berlin - JANUARY 20TH!
---> Bright Blue Gorilla on TV
---> Australia and New Zealand Tours
---> Be the first to rent 36 Husbands!

We can't believe that 2020 is our 30th year on the road!!!
We couldn't have done it without you!
Can we do 30 more??? Let's find out!

Photo above: Michael & Robyn (aka Bright Blue Gorilla) in front of Babylon cinema after the 36 Husbands premiere... What an incredible night it was!

On January 20th, the fabulous cinema, Babylon in Berlin, is having an encore screening of 36 Husbands as part of their "Top Secret" spy film festival! We're honored! (And so are our spies!)
Here's the link where you can get tickets. Please share with your Berlin friends! (Some of the fabulous actors will be there for Q&A.)

Photo above: BBG having a laugh with Willem de Vries during the TV show...

We had a blast appearing on Dutch TV - way up north in Frysland! Here's a video of BBG on Omroep Frysland's "Noardewyn Live" with host Willem de Vries. (He's a great host!) We hope you enjoy it!

Photo above: Shooting 36 Husbands at the Satellite facility in Canberra, Australia...

On January 29th, Bright Blue Gorilla returns to Australia for a 3 month tour with 36 Husbands! (Please share the tour dates with your friends there.) We'll be doing concert/screenings at proper cinemas and also at "pop-up" cinemas: living rooms, backyards, barns, boats, and who-knows-where! One thing we do know: we sure have enjoyed sharing this film with audiences. (Read the reviews here.) Such a joy to hear people laugh and to have the Question & Answer sessions after the screenings. We hope you can join us! (If you know anyone in Australia or New Zealand that would like to host a house concert/pop up screening, please contact us. New Zealand tour starts April 27th through mid-July...)
Photo above: Our 3 Kung Fu Spies in a Psychedelic Swirl...
(Poster design by Under The Milky Way. Thanks to Adam Dotson for the spy photos, and to Nadine Nourney, Christa Pasch & Roberta Bianchini for looking so cool!)

We just LAUNCHED the rent-or-buy page at Vimeo-on-Demand for 36 Husbands! In a few months the movie will be on iTunes, Amazon, etc. (thanks to our wonderful distributor Under The Milky Way). But we didn't want to wait that long to share the film with our friends worldwide. ---> The cool thing about Vimeo-on-Demand is that they give 90% of rental or purchase price to the artists, so watching the film there is a great way to help Gorillas make more movies! (We've got the next film planned, but it's top secret - just like our spies!) Thanks to all those who donated to our film fund - perks are coming soon!

Photo above: Gina and Frankie in a romantic moment.
(That's Dominic Anglim & Roberta Bianchini on the 36 Husbands set in Australia)

Gorillas are planning ahead! We had so much fun on the 36 Husbands Europe Tour that we want to come back again in fall 2020! Thanks to all the amazing audiences, venues, and people who hosted pop-up screenings. If you'd like to have the Gorillas & 36 Husbands in your living room - or know a good indie cinema in your town - please drop us an email asap :)

Photo above: Costume Designer Beatrice Paola Ruffini, Roberta Bianchini, and BBG in Paris at Théâtre de Dix Heures - the last show of the 36 Husbands Europe tour!

Thanks to all our Gorilla friends who help us to keep-on-keeping-on! Together, we can make 2020 a joyous, positive year!
"Remain Calm... Share Your Bananas..."
Robyn & Michael
The 36 Husbands SOUNDTRACK is rocking!
Check it out!

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