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OK Boomer, Millennial, Gen Z and Gen X friends and advisors:

If you are reading this, it means you actually opened our newsletter. Thank you!! I apologize if we send too many newsletters (But at least they are digital and not wasting paper). First, I would like to welcome our newest advisors to our community. Some amazing, creative entrepreneurs from all generations. Please check out their bios, websites and projects.  

· Zinniah Muñoz

· Nira Paliwoda 

· Jack Kohler

· Richard Marten

· Heather Tepe

· Nicholas Heathcote

· Sharon Discorfano 

· Marc Middleton

Second, I would like to thank all who responded to our recent survey. Here are the results

Thanks to new advisor Paula Founder for helping us organize the survey and analyze the results.

If anyone would still like to respond and help us try to help the growing community more, please fill out our brief survey here.  It only takes 3 minutes.

 I would like to highlight a recent article by advisor Marc Middleton about the unnecessary “generational warfare” which certain people are using to divide us. Kudos to Marc for pointing out the need to overcome labels and artificial divisions when we are all in the same boat on Planet Earth. See 

If anyone is interested , our new focus is our Sustainability Group which we have launched on LinkedIN and will be a part of the Silver Fox Club on Facebook . Here is a link to the website where you can join the mailing list:

One of our new advisors is the founder of the NY Vegetarian Festival and we are hoping to have a group presence at their May 16 -17, 2020 event in NYC. If you are interested in being involved , please email me and we can discuss both sharing etc … 

Also, with the holiday season upon us , please let us know if you want to volunteer for any of the non-profit organizations in our network. Depending on your interest, we can suggest a few options. You can donate money or time or both. So many important groups to help.

Please reduce, reuse and recycle this holiday season. Be nice to strangers, the planet and the 7th Generation in the future. The Planet you save might be your own.

 Happy 12/17 birthday to my wife Charlotte!!! You light up my life.

Keep swinging and stay foxy,


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Dan Schneider
Executive Director,
The Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation

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