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Next Gen,

Evening, team! Sending our best for a momentous start to the week. We’re writing you live from Minneapolis tonight as we prepare to kick-off the first Target Incubator Conference powered by Next Gen bright and early tomorrow morning.

Weren’t able to make the trip out? We’re sure the FOMO is real, though we’ll miss you dearly. You can still follow the action through Next Gen’s social media channels (#follow4follow). We’ll be featuring exclusive interviews with event speakers and Target leadership over the course of the three days, so be sure to tune in. For now, onto this week’s ?Roundup below:

Community - To foster connections

Meet Malekai MischkeNext Gen’s newest team member, Malekai is passionate about helping others design their lives through entrepreneurship. Meet Bharat PulgramFounder of Runerra, Bharat is building a company to inspire societal change and connection through commerce.

Shoutout to:

??Fiorenza Ceniccola graduated from the University of Sussex with her Bachelor in Law.
?Ryan Smith will be speaking at Forbes Under 30 Summit this fall.
?Geo Mirador was chosen as a Thurgood Marshall College Fund’s Leadership Institute participant.

Knowledge - To gain power

Book We’re Reading:

?The Fast Forward Mindset (David Schnurman)

News Driving our Momentum:
↖️Rapid Growth Startup (Next Gen Team)
?Why You’re Failing to Make Sense of Your Life (James Altucher)
⭐Can Setting Your Clock Fast On Purpose Actually Cure Your Lateness? (Andrew Fiouzi)

Our two-cents on Fiouzi’s article:

“My father sets his alarm clock 17-minutes fast and swears that doing so makes him more punctual. I argue with him the fact that knows his clock is 17-minutes fast means that he adjusts his routine to allow for that extra time. What then, is the point of doing extra math? However, I have never tried setting every clock that I look at to be the same number of minutes fast. I feel like that could convince me to plan my schedule around that new time, especially if I were to constantly change the chosen number of minutes.” – Tom W.

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Resources - To accelerate growth
Innovation @ China Market
GreaterBayX has announced the launch of their 2019 Mobility Accelerator, a platform to help urban-tech companies enter and grow in China and beyond. Learn more about the program offerings and how to apply here.

Diverse Founder Track @ Y Combinator
Jopwell, led by Next Gen Summit speakers Ryan Williams and Porter Braswell, has partnered with Y Combinator to increase the representation of ethnic minorities in the accelerator. Learn more about the dedicated application here.

Guests @ IGTV
Miki Agrawal, cofounder of TUSHY and other social ventures, has launched a TV show inviting early-stage entrepreneurs to rock a hat from her hat room and chat with Miki about growing their business. Learn more about the IGTV guest opportunity and how to submit yourself here.

Mentorship - To reap wisdom

“Remember who you are! The innate talents and skills you possess are just the building blocks of your eventual success.”

Learn from Julia Wexler: Executive coach who is teaching individuals how to uncover their professional identities and make an impact.

Thanks for joining us tonight, crew. Enjoying Next Gen’s ?Roundup? We love hearing from you, so feel free to drop us a note by hitting ‘reply.’ Until next week, keep changing the world.

Now that’s momentum.

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