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Next Gen,

Hey, team! We hope you’ve enjoyed a fantastic start to the week.

Our morning began rather nostalgically as we said ‘goodbye’ to three of Next Gen’s summer team members. We’ll miss you, Tom, Hunter, and Liam!

Next Gen continues to march along with our stellar community, and tonight we’re highlighting new authors, standout women, marketers, and more. Enjoy the goods below, curated with (lots of) love to add value along your journey:

Meet Marko Hrelja

A mentor and entrepreneur, Marko uses his curiosity for measuring human attention to build his ventures.

Meet David Welsh

Founder of Grant Place Designs, David wears many hats as an app developer, writer, and autism advocate.

Shoutout to:

?Jillian Richardson who released her book Unlonely Planet to inspire individuals to foster meaningful relationships.

?Allie Felix who recently spoke at VC PlatformSummit on the importance of measuring ROI.

?Amber Teng who published her book The Data Resource and is on a journey to impact emerging countries by utilizing technology.

Book We’re Reading:

?The Moment of Lift (Melinda Gates)

News Driving our Momentum:

?Convert Your Gig into an Agency (Next Gen Team)

?How Phones Made the World Your Office (Jeff Giles)

⭐️What You Can Achieve in 15-Minute Bursts of Creativity (Herbert Lui)

Our two-cents on Lui’s article:

“Carving time into your day for yourself isn’t a selfish act — it’s the difference between truly excelling during your ‘on’ hours and burning out. Self-care looks different for each person: for some, the 15-minute approach works great, though for others, a Saturday spent creatively away from a laptop or lounging in the sun may be best. Entrepreneurs take so much weight onto their shoulders that it becomes necessary to find time to float without it.” –Rachel G.

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?Women to Watch @ 2020

Women’s media company The Tempest, led by Next Gen-er Laila Alawa, is now accepting nominations for their 2020 “40 Women to Watch” list. Learn more about the award criteria and how to nominate here.

?$10k @ Filmmakers

The American Media Fellowship supports 6 filmmakers from diverse communities with $10k and an all-expenses-paid opportunity to create content around bias. Learn more about the program and how to apply here.

?Head of Marketing @ Boston

SaveMySales, an SMS marketing startup, is hiring their first marketer to collaborate with the team’s founders to build a growth and partnerships system. Learn more about the company and role here.

“Many startups say they are not ready to brand, but I strongly believe it’s never too early to find your master brand.”

Learn from Robin Albin: Founder of agency Insurgents, Robin shares her wisdom on branding and the necessity to begin early while remaining open-minded.

Thanks for tuning in, team. Enjoy tonight’s ?Roundup? We love hearing from our crew, so feel free to drop us a note by hitting ‘reply.’ Until next week, keep working hard and changing the world. Much love!




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