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Next Gen,

Happy Monday, Next Gen! We’re sure New York Yankees fans enjoyed a nice start to the week following a four-game sweep of their rival Boston Red Sox, though the Dow’s near 1,000 point plunge may have dampened the mood on Wall Street…

We’re still feeling the energy from last week’s Next Gen event with Target in Minneapolis. Thank you to all who joined for a conference to remember! Over the three days we learned from game-changing speakers, ideated on brilliant new business concepts, and realized Zumba is most definitely an intensive cardio workout ??.

Now, enjoy tonight’s ?Roundup, delivered directly to you (with lots of love):

Community - To foster connections

Meet Joanna MaA soon-to-be cat mom, Joanna fuses her economics major, creativity, and entrepreneurial gusto at her internship with Next Gen. Meet Liam HydeA rising junior at Indiana University, Liam is experiencing the many sides of business during his internship with Next Gen.

Shoutout to:

?Betty Tang who was awarded the Slavin Fellowship for her commitment to humanity and societal wellbeing.
?Sierra RyanWallick who won the Fresh Prints scholarship.
?Natasha Takahashi who is a speaker at the upcoming Conversations Conference to inspire chatbot marketing.

Knowledge - To gain power

Book We’re Reading:

?Imagine It Forward (Beth Comstock)

News Driving our Momentum:
?From One Community Member to Another (Next Gen Team)
?The Hidden Patterns of Great Startup Ideas (James Currier)
⭐️The opportunities and challenges of remote work (Robert Logemann)

Our two-cents on Logemann’s article:

“The ability to work from home or a cafe halfway across the world is a modern and tantalizing benefit, yet the power of having a team together remains undeniable. Crafting a circle of safety within a creative environment requires working across from one another. Cooperation occurs during meetings without technology. Not only does morale rise in-person, but productivity does as well: we are constantly feeding off the energy around us, surrounded by those hustling to reach our collective goal.” – Rachel G.

Agree? Disagree? Reply to this email with your thoughts for a chance to be featured in next week’s ?Roundup!

Resources - To accelerate growth
?Keynote @ Entrepreneurship Event
The 2020 Small Business Conference, held in New Orleans and focused on federal agencies and contracting, is now accepting speaker nominations. Learn more about the event and how to submit your speaker proposal here.

?Business Development @ NYC
GoldJam Creative is searching for a Business Development and Client Experience Coordinator to join their NYC team, focused on creating communication workshops for organizations like Twitter, Spotify, and American Express. Learn more about GoldJam and how to apply for the role here.

?Students @ Technology Internship
Antler, a startup generator and early-stage VC, is seeking students for various internship roles in NYC throughout the spring and summer, working in marketing, PR, investments, and more. Learn more about Antler and how to apply here.

Mentorship - To reap wisdom

“Most things take much longer to accomplish than you anticipate. You should keep one eye focused on the long game while the other is tackling the short game.”

Learn from David Schnurman: Author of The Fast Forward Mindset, David encourages entrepreneurs to understand the past, present, & future of their journeys.

We’re dedicating tonight’s ?Roundup to the men, women, and children in Ohio and Texas whose lives were tragically taken last week. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and loved ones. Their memories will never be forgotten.

Until next Monday, keep working to change the world. If there’s anything we can do to help, just hit ‘reply’ and let us know. Catch you soon, fam — Next Gen out.

Now that’s momentum.

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