Advisor Peter Occhiogrosso announces

2 upcoming online writing courses: 

1) Writing For Print & Digital Magazines 

With Peter Occhiogrosso



And runs 8 weeks


Anyone can write a blog. But writing an article for newspapers or magazines requires a special set of skills that include the ability to zero in on a promising topic, find the right outlets, and then write a captivating query letter to snag an editor’s interest. And that’s only the beginning. Once you get the green light on an assignment, you’ll need to structure a piece of anywhere from 300 to 3000 words or more.


In my 8-week online class I’ll help you select the best slant on your topic; shape a lively piece that may make use of research and interviews (by phone, Skype, or in person); and most important of all, write a query letter that will attract an editor’s interest.


Just as the marketplace for book publishing has gone through a seismic shift with the advent of eBooks and self-publishing, the playing field has shifted in the periodical world. Now we have not only online editions of mainstream publications from The New York Times to Vanity Fair, but also many new ezines and digital publications that are accessible primarily on smartphones and tablets, which make it easier to break into print. I know, because I’ve been writing for one of the newest ones, Best Self Magazine (available on Apple Newsstands and Google Play). We’ll cover all of this and more in the class.


These online classes don’t require you to be online at a specific time or place. The classes are posted on an Internet classroom, where you also post your assignments, get personal feedback from me, and interact with your classmates. For more about the class, how it works, the teacher, and to register, go here.  [LINK:]




With Peter Occhiogrosso

NEW CLASS STARTS September 12, 2016 

And runs 8 Weeks

At its best, journaling is not only a free-flowing expression of your inner feelings, thoughts, and intuitive insights, but also a way to cope with profound emotional and spiritual challenges. Writing about the traumatic events of the past or merely the emotional quandaries of the present has been proven to help heal the pain associated with those situations. And yet, although journaling seems so simple, many of us get caught up in feeling self-conscious, anxious, or at a loss how to begin and keep going. In this class, we approach journaling as a combination of creative thinking and spiritual practice. Because the process often is so open-ended that many people don’t know where to begin, we’ll work with specific guidance and techniques to inspire you even when you’re feeling blank. In that sense. Journaling is a basic spiritual practice like meditation, that is not connected with any specific tradition but does help develop spiritual and creative insights and visions.


Although journaling is an essentially private practice, you will gain support from others who may be encountering some of the same challenges you face in making journal writing a regular practice. You will not be asked to post your journal entries (unless you want to), but to talk about the process itself, what works for you and what doesn’t.


These online classes don’t require you to be online at a specific time or place. The classes are posted on an Internet classroom each week, where you also post your assignments, where you’ll get personal feedback from me and interact with your classmates. For more information and to register, please go here.


Best-selling author and writing coach Peter Occhiogrosso has taught Sacred Journaling at Caroline Myss’s CMED Institute for seven years, along with dozens of online classes. He will inspire you to start journaling regularly, and show you how to make the process accessible, enjoyable, and yet spiritually profound.