Send an email to

(don’t forget the Gold as we have another Lisa in the office!)

Your submission MUST HAVE a link to your (aka page.  Include your phone number, whether you are currently represented and/or working with a manager as well.

This is the site that 95% of all commercial casting is done with.  Yes, there are others, but I’m focusing on this one to start.  Have it “tricked out” as much as humanly possible.  Great photos – a variety showing and representing looks that you would be doing in life…casual, business, some action, etc, media clips attached to the projects/activities they are from and/or a video reel.  Have your commercial related credits right at the top, i.e. commercial work, print, industrials, even voiceover.  Put commercial classes and training at the top of the training section.

I’m looking for ALL TYPES and AGES, Union and Non-Union and especially need folks with SKILLS in real life.  Certifications, high levels of expertise in areas, or have another real profession. It has been an eye opener to me that producers want REAL PEOPLE.  But real people can’t act necessarily, so they want actors to ACT like real people and they also want you to have a great familiarity with the reality they seek.  Real chiropractors, real dog walkers, real families with toddlers, real yoga instructors, real paramedics.  Get the drift?  Click all of those boxes under skills and the level of experience.  In other words, go over this platform with a fine toothed comb before you submit.

Please include any specific information about yourself you think will get me jazzed to work with you or a “memory jog” of how I may know you in your cover note.

I regret that I will be unable to respond to all of the submissions I know will be coming my way.  This doesn’t mean I don’t love you! It just means there’s not enough TIME in the day to do it all.  I will be setting up in-person appointments all throughout January at our offices.

PLEASE NOTE:  You must LIVE in the greater Los Angeles area or within a reasonably commutable distance.  This biz is FAST and most auditions have about a 24 hour notice!

Though we are bi-coastal and have offices in NYC, we do not yet have a commercial department there.  However there are plans to open one this year.  I’ll let you know!