Good News from BoomerWorks!


Boomer Boot Camps – free five-session workshops for those 50+ who have been unemployed or underemployed for some time and are open to considering project or gig work as sustainable income.
We are so excited to share information about our free Boomer Boot Camp workshops for those who have been unemployed or underemployed for a year and who are open to considering starting their own businesses as an answer to sustainable income.

Our five-session workshops begin August 9 and September 14. Each cohort will continue to meet, share ideas and keep in touch as their plans develop and they achieve success and need support.

Our June Boot Camp included project managers, an entrepreneur starting an executive services business, a government affairs consultants and more. They are developing their plans, sharing ideas, and continuing to network.

Do you know someone who can benefit from Boomer Boot Camps? They can sign up on our BoomerWorks website. Workshops are free of charge and all are held in Tysons Corner adjacent to the Galleria.

With gratitude,

Shira and Katherine
Shira Harrington and Katherine Hoehn

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