A True “American Beauty”

African-American Woman Doctor Receives First Ever “American Beauty” Award

Virginia Beach, VA, October 27, 2009 – Renowned dermatologist and business person, Dr. Jan McDonald, was recently awarded the inaugural “American Beauty” Award for her outstanding work with women. The award was presented jointly by Washington DC’s “America the Beautiful Fund” and New York City’s “I Can Still do That” Foundation to Dr. McDonald at her home in Virginia Beach, VA.

The American Beauty Award was conceived by Dan Schneider, Executive Director of “I Can Still do That,” in collaboration with Nanine Bilski, CEO of the America the Beautiful Fund. The award celebrates women over 40 who best exemplify the principles and goals of both non-profit organizations.

According to Mr. Schneider, “Dr. McDonald, a graduate of Vassar College and Harvard Medical School,  has been an advocate for promoting positive psychology, particularly for women, both in the US and elsewhere. She has helped preserve the  environment and  heritage and to help create sustainable jobs and new business models. Dr. McDonald is a mentor’s mentor and we are proud to have her on our advisory board and steering committee for our foundation’s new Women mentor Women program.”

Women mentor Women is a program devised by “I Can Still do That” in which Women will help achieve equality in the workplace by increasing their opportunities through mentoring, or career guidance by an experienced industry expert.

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