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Casting Call!

I Can Still Do That

Tony Wilkes
“Laura Lee”

by Valerie Fullilove

Casting for the feature length scripted reading of the movie, “Laura Lee.”

If you’re open to creativity and fun in portraying characters of various backgrounds, as outlined in the breakdowns below, we’d love to hear from you for this non-traditional casting call. Please send headshot and resume for consideration or any questions to

Actors will read multiple characters and should be able to make slight mannerism or vocal changes, representative of the characters being read.

Auditions will be held on Saturday, May 26, 2012 from 10-3pm with 10-minute time slots.

Rehearsal will take place on the same day as the performance.

Show date is Monday, June 11, 2012 at 7:00 pm, at the The Richmond Shepard Theatre, 309 E. 26th Street, NY 10010 @ 2nd Ave.

Rehearsal time 3:00 -6:00pm. Please do not submit if you cannot be present for the duration of the rehearsal and performance.

Performers will receive a one-time $20.00 stipend.

Sides can be found on the Still Do That website.


Female Characters

LAURA LEE JOHNSON – (OPEN ETHNICITY) An earthy African American female originally from the inner-city of Chicago. As a bright and studious teenager, Laura Lee’s doting parents looked to their only child to be the first in their family to go to college. That dream was sidelined when she became pregnant by her older street-wise childhood sweetheart who her parents reluctantly signed for her to marry at age seventeen. Laura Lee thought Terrance was strong and powerful, but when he turned out to be mean and vengeful she didn’t know what to do, so she suffered in silence. That is, until she has to run for her life and at age 27 and finds herself learning to survive the mean streets of New York City.

CAROL WYNNE – (OPEN ETHNICITY)  a model-pretty 29 year old African American Marketing professional; one of three children from an affluent family. Her father a retired stock broker and her mother a partner at a NYC law firm preside over their close knit family. Carol is the girl who has everything, but with her fast approaching 30th birthday, wonders if “this is all there is to life”.  She resides in a fabulous condo inside a gated community with her older brother Clinton and younger brother Michael in the suburbs of Long Island, NY. Both accuse her of being a spoiled self-centered brat and she wants to prove them wrong. One faithful day on her daily trip into her NYC office, Carol has a chance encounter with Laura Lee. Carol at first has the attitude of the snob that she is, then realizing this is her opportunity to do something useful and prove her brothers wrong, she sets out to “fix” a suspicious and jaded Laura Lee’s unfortunate circumstances…Will also read… GAIL SHORTER – A 30ish divorced African American Brooklyn-based NYC Marketing Supervisor. Into the NYC social scene and on a mission to find Mr. Right. She likes nice-things and surrounds herself with people and things that compliment her. She sees the potential in Laura Lee and pulls her into her inner circle. – ALREADY CAST!

SUSAN MUELLER – (OPEN ETHNICITY)  69 year old Caucasian Jew of German descent arrived into the country as a tiny girl via her Aunt Jane; her family’s only other Holocaust survivor.  On her own since Jane passed away, Susan has grown weathered, wise and street savvy over the years. She’s Laura Lee’s confidante, protector and best friend and they’ve grown to depend heavily on one another during the trials and tribulations of homelessness………Will also read… MS. BANKS –  Director of HRC /  MS SEIBERT – HR Director at McGruger & Co/ Woman 21 /MS WEISS

MOTHER JOHNSON – (OPEN ETHNICITY) Mid 50’s, Terrance Johnson’s mother. She loves her son, but is afraid of him and for him…..Will also read…LOUISE WYNNE – Mid-60’s matriarch of the Wynne family, loving, nurturing, strict.,/ MS PETERMAN – Receptionist at McGruger & Co PEGGY – Manager at McGruger & Co/WOMAN 57-58/ INTERCOMS/ LOUDSPEAKER

DANA – (OPEN ETHNICITY) 18 year old Caucasian homeless teen, tough, drug addicted, sells her body to feed her habit.. Will also read… LAUREN WYNNE –  Clint’s daughter / AUDREY – Hair salon Receptionist, young Beyonce-wanna-be, stuck-up / DIANA – Clint’s girlfriend #2 / LISA AVALONE – Staff at Emerald Factory /MARCIE – Carol’s friend / KEISHA JAMES – Ghetto Co-worker at McGruger & Co/ Homeless Mother 42/Girl V.O. 100

BENETHA – (OPEN ETHNICITY) Clint’s girlfriend #1… Will also read…. SARA TATE – Laura Lee’s co-worker and friend at HRC / KAREN PARKER – Staff at Emerald Factory / SANDRA -Ghetto Co-worker at McGruger & Co – best friends with Keisha James / Homeless Woman 123-124 / Denise Hill/Kid 42

Male Characters


TERRANCE JOHNSON (OPEN ETHNICITY) (Antagonist) – An African American high school drop-out turned mechanic from the neighborhood was raised by a hard-working single mother. Terrance claimed Laura Lee as his own by the time they were 10 years old. At first he was enamored by her intelligence and self-confidence, but after the shot-gun wedding, his demeanor turned to jealousy and hate. Convinced she thought herself “better” than him, he secretly abused her mentally and physically as he ran the streets with his no-good friends; that is until he commits the ultimate crime and at age 28 finds himself in a place he never thought he’d be…. Will also read…. GEORGE – Tip’s friend / MICHAEL WYNNE – Mid-20’s, youngest of Wynne family. He’s clean-cut, athletic, High School Assistant track coach. Engaged to be m! arried. / CHARLES HILL – A 30ish educated handsome and sexy African American lawyer, Charles is the aloof and seemingly mysterious neighbor of Gail Shorter in the brownstone they reside in in Brooklyn. He is an avid churchgoer, focused and serious on his life and career. It turns out he and Laura Lee have more in common than anyone would have believed.


CLINTON WYNN – (OPEN ETHNICITY) A tall and handsome 39 year old African American sales professional, the eldest of the Wynne’s offspring is arrogant, full of himself and clueless about the affairs of people in the real world. He is convinced he has all the answers and never hesitates to let people know it. He is divorced with two young kids and although he is career driven, his family ties are very important to him. When his resolve is challenged and his false sense of security is threatened, he is humbled. His initial encounter with Laura Lee is much to be expected but when called upon to do the right thing, his sense of decency kicks in….. Will also read…. RICE – Mid 20’s African American friend and accomplice of Terrance Johnson; cut from the same cloth. / ANGEL – 15 year old playful, baby-faced skateboard ! riding Puerto Rican homeless teen./ ANGELO –Animated flamboyant Hairdresser / HOMELESS MAN 42 / WOODY – Charles Hill’s nerdy friend and roommate


WILLIAM RANDOLPH RUSSELL (Tip) – (OPEN ETHNICITY) Tip is a 55 year old war vet and alcoholic. He earns his money by panhandling and washing windows with his squeegee and bucket; except when drunk. He is a genuine friend to Laura Lee and she to him. Always concerned and worried about him she encourages him to go into rehab and return to his family. Tip makes those promises but never follows through….. Will also read…. BRIAN WYNNE – Mid 60’s patriarch of the Wynne family / REVEREND CONNORS – Charles Hill’s Pastor / Doctor 36/ /Cabbie/Man 11


BOBBY – (OPEN ETHNICITY) 19 year old African American gun – toting weed-smoking homeless teen. Loyal to his friends, protective of Laura Lee and Susan. Will also read…. MIKE DARBY – Co-worker at McGruger & Co / TYRONE- Mid – 20’s African Americafriend and bumbling accomplice of Terrance Johnson…. DETECTIVE HARGROVE – Caucasian 45ish hard-nosed Police Detective / PAROL BOARD MEMBER / CELL MATE / Organist /Minister/Man V.O. 102


TEDDY – (OPEN ETHNICITY) Precocious 10 year old African American neighborhood boy of Laura Lee and Terrance Johnson…. Will also read… PHARMACIST – Mid 40’S – Caucasian male, balding, intense, busy, anal. / CALVIN – Tip’s friend (a doubting Thomas) / C.J. WYNNE – Clint’s son / OFFICER 31, 34 / Kid 42/Boy 48/Mgr. 30/Guard 8 / SAL –Owner of Emerald Factory


Laura Lee Breakdown

Bobby / Parole Mike Sides

Brian / Tip Sides

Clint / Angelo Sides

Diana / Lisa / Kiesha Sides

Laura Sides

Mother Johnson / Ms. Seibert Sides

Sal / Calvin Sides

Sandra / Sara / Homeless Woman Sides

Susan / Peggy Sides

Terrance / Charles Sides