Professionals In Transition

Employment Web Sites
Free job-auction website. You can post a job or bid for one by indicating how much you are willing to work for and why you should be hired.
Networking opportunities for job seekers. In addition to job search, provides a large variety of information ranging from resume writing to interviewing. They have an abundance of articles and tips which can be of value to your visitors in their job hunt.
Career advice, e-newsletter, podcasts; “age-friendly” certification for employers

Jobs 4.0
For job seekers 40 and over
For job candidates 50 and over; formerly called “Senior Job Bank”

Retired Brains
Older boomers, seniors, and retirees

For job applicants 50 and over

Older scientists, engineers, and product developers
Retirees and mature workers
Job listings plus a schedule of job fairs throughout the U.S.

A portal that gives potential job seekers the ability to download job applications, research salaries and even find local designated jobs throughout the United States based on their IP address.

Other Web Sites

These sites do not target specific age groups but offer useful information for 50+ workers and career changers.

Senior management jobs in nonprofit organizations. A resource for those interested in moving from the private to the nonprofit sector.
Flexible and part-time opportunities for professionals

The Riley Guide
Career advice plus links to thousands of Web sites with job postings and resources
Links to a wide range of employment Web sites and career resources

Monster: Careers at 50+
Career advice for mature workers

Internet resources on job hunting and career management. Online bookstore and e-newsletter

Quintessential Careers
Comprehensive site for job search and advice. Includes e-book on using online tools–such as blogs and social-networking sites–in your job search.
Wall Street Journal career site. Position announcements, virtual job fairs, job-hunting tips
Great online resources.
Software training for common applications & programs

The Foundation Center’s mission is to strengthen the nonprofit sector by advancing knowledge about U.S. philanthropy.

eCommerce Entrepreneurship

Helpful material on starting your own online business.

Networks and Organizations

For executive jobs in the $100,000 annual salary range; requires paid membership (30-day, 180-day, and 360-day options)

Volunteer organization supported by member fees. Offers training courses, counseling, résumé development, and peer support. FortyPlus chapters operate in six states as independent organizations. The Washington, D.C. Web site has links to other chapters.

The Five O’Clock Club
Offers a five-volume set of job-search books by professional career counselors. Members attend weekly meetings in person or by teleconference. Membership fees are based on the number of sessions attended. The Web site has some free content.

Over 175,000 pages of award-winning business advice and networking.

National Foundation for Veteran Redeployment

Support Haitian Earthquake Relief


These resources are provided as a public service. Their inclusion does not imply an endorsement by our organization of organizations on this list or of the content on their sites.