Interns Seeking Work

Kofi Boundy: ¬†Kofi Boundy is a Television/radio major at Ithaca College’s Park School of Communication where he also DJs several radio shows for the nationally-recognized WICB. He is skilled in Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro 9, NexGen, Celemony-Melodyne, Celtx and many aspects of studio/field operations, audio recording, lighting, camera operation, music production, pre- and post-production. He’s completed internships at WDST Radio Woodstock as well as WKZE and is currently seeking a summer internship in television production or development. Kofi brings a unique perspective as an African-American male who began life in foster care and overcame many obstacles to remain positive and highly-motivated.

Amanda Zwirn:  Amanda Zwirn, is currently a junior Performing Arts Management major with a minor in Communications, focusing in Broadcast journalism at the University of Hartford. In addition to taking classes, Amanda serves as Assistant Producer at STN 2, the on campus student television network. She is a major part of producing a weekly half hour news program, writing for it as well as filming and editing. A New York City native, Amanda is a graduate of LaGuardia high school located in Manhatten, in which she majored in Technical Theater, focusing on Stage Management. She has always enjoyed the management and production side of entertainment and news, and strives for a career as a producer in television.