The Tip Sheet Vol. 9

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We welcome contributions from I Can Still do That Advisors about key issues and events in their professional and personal lives.

This Week:

  • A message from Dan Schneider
  • Mutual Mentor Corner
  • Coach’s Corner — All About Coaching Part 2
  • Hey Music Lover!

A Message From Dan Schneider:

Friends and Advisors, As we approach the end of a beautiful Summer,  we would like to thank you all for helping us grow our group and spread our positive message to all who need it.
We have successfully submitted our second grant application. It’s a matching grant for the next 9 months with StartFund Global ( We are looking for other grant opportunities should anyone know of any (we are getting better at grant writing).  The grant would be used to hire “Mutual Mentors” to help teach skills to get people back into the workforce.  Please let us know of any leads (esp. from private
Our Next First Mondays event will be Sept. 14th (see: at The Parlour in NYC. Please check out our new music video – “Still do That.” Also, please register on our Free Directory if you have not already done so.  We will be listing all advisors on the directory soon, so let us know if you do not wish to be listed (opt-out) and we will not list you. If you have any DC based contacts, please let us know. We are still hoping to organize a DC event (although we may postpone it until we have more DC based Advisors and/or a local partner to help promote it there). If you are interested in volunteering for a Committee, please email me anytime.
Keep swinging,Dan(


Dr. Maria Nemeth

All About Coaching, Part 2: What Does a Coach Not Do?

In the last issue we looked at was what a Coach does. Now we review what a coach doesn’t do. A coach doesn’t:
  • Give legal counsel, although a coach can help clarify whether or not to seek legal counsel.
  • Give medical advice, although a coach may help you see whether or not you need to seek medical advice to meet your goals.
  • Give financial advice, although a coach might help you look at whether or not a financial
    advisor would improve your relationship with money.
  • Act as a therapist, although a coach may refer you to a counselor to help deal with emotional
    or psychological situations

To clarify item four: there are some important differences between coaching and counseling. See what they are and you can make an informed choice about what you really need. A counselor/ therapist helps you deal with current crises or unresolved issues from the past, such as a loss, threat of loss, or other major life change. Examples include grieving for a loved one, resolving difficult family dynamics, or adjusting emotionally to a shift in job status or health. Counseling or therapy also treats certain conditions such as depression or anxiety disorder.  A well-trained coach does not do this. He or she works with you to achieve future goals and dreams (see last article). However, sometimes you need some “therapy” before you can get back on the court to play your best game. In that case, counseling might be the best for you at this time.

For further information on Dr. Maria Nemeth and her  transformational work, please visit: http://www.



Please check out the NEW First Mondays website, if you have not already!Special thanks to Dan Christopher, who revamped the website and did an AMAZING job!


Please send us any feedback and/or ideas, as well as any new “testimonials” to post.


Advisor Gloria Gari, CEO of the Giulio Gari Opera Foundation, is offering all our advisors 10% off any tickets for the upcoming Oct. 4th Gari Foundation Gala at the NYAC (see: The event will honor winners of the 2009 International Vocal Competition, as well as stars from the Metropolitan Opera. The event is quickly becoming one of the top Opera events of the year.
Advisor Charles Hobson is suggesting everyone tune in on Wednesday , August 26th at 8 PM for his PBS/Great Performances special ” Harlem in Montmartre” (see:
) celebrating the Harlem Renaissance in Paris during the 1920’s and 1930’s.
Advisor Joseph H. Holland, Esq. is  proud to announce the Thursday, August 27th Grand Opening Celebration of his new entertainment and dining destination “Gospel Uptown” at 2110 Seventh Ave (between 125th and 126th Streets).  Featuring Melba Moore and Friends (Gloria Gaynor, Ashford and Simpson etc.) and healthful, soul fusion cuisine (see:
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