First Mondays NYC – January 9, 2012

December 14, 2011

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First Mondays NYC

The Parlour – 250 W. 86th St., NYC

January 9, 2012 6 PM – 9 PM

Hello First Mondays Regulars and Newcomers!

In the spirit of the new year, we will be trying something new at First Mondays NYC to kick off our first event of 2012. We ask that you please register and RSVP for First Mondays NYC on Meetup at Mondays-NYC/. Using this tool, you can not only let us know you are coming and also learn a little about the others who plan to attend, plus you can give us feedback on what you like about the event or ideas for future events. We look forward to hearing your great ideas and hope to see you at the next First Mondays NYC on January 9, 2012!

Special Guest Speaker Carol Scott and the Seven Secrets of Success

We are also pleased to present speaker Carol Scott who has previosly spoken at our Women Who Lunch
event. Carol is the C.E.O of ECA World Fitness. ECA is an international organization for Fitness Professionals which serves to provide information, continuing education and networking for fitness professionals around the world. Carol is recognized as the premier programming expert in Fitness today. She is the former National Director of Group Fitness for Equinox Fitness Clubs, and has consulted for small and large studios and corporations for many years. Multi-talented and multi tasking, she is the go-to expert in the industry and has appeared in print, television and videos including the New York Times, NBC, CBS, and Fox news. In 2003 she received the Program Director of the Year Award from IDEA, another nationally recognized Fitness Organization. Carol is responsible for all of ECA’s branding, advertising and marketing efforts and campaigns and is also the Editor in Chief of ECA’s quarterly News publication and monthly ENews. She created the tag line of “One Body, One World™” for her corporation, ECA World Fitness Alliance,to represent the connection to one’s self, one another, and the planet. Carol has used the platform of fitness to help individuals change not only their physique and understanding of fitness, but to get in touch with their spiritual and emotional health. She believes that through the joy and empowerment of the physical we are capable of elevating our inner self and creating a much more successful and empowered soul capable of increased
joy, empathy, compassion and bliss.

Carol’s “Seven Secrets to Success” lecture teaches you how to unlock your potential and learn how to avoid the pitfalls that stand between you and your dreams. Drop all the barriers that get in the way of you obtaining more money, happiness and opportunity. This lecture will give you the tools to enable you to grow and head toward the goals that drive your passion and make you happier and wealthier. What more can you ask?

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