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August 2016

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Anything YOU Think Can Happen, Inc. – Not-for-Profit Charitable Organization 501(c)(3)(certified Charity). We are raising money for our 2nd Annual Event: “We ALL Win Basketball Academy” on August 13-14, 2016.  Full program details on the website: http://www.anythingyouthinkcanhappen.org/donate.html

With this summer being our sophomore season, our goal is to receive donations for 200 children and 96 adults. This will support the Clinic instruction/conditioning and skills training and the purchase of all basketball uniforms, sneakers, basketball trophies/medals/ribbons, emergency/first aid, water/refreshments, food, equipment and staff for this two day event. More importantly, please donate to help us support the education, health and welfare of these children by giving them a chance to develop confidence and begin to see their future.


The clinics and main event funding is entirely dependent on the contributions from corporations, local businesses, community- based organizations, and individuals. We really need your support this year for this will lead to more and more children fulfilling their biggest dreams that will guide them to a great future.


Our future goal is to provide a four week basketball developmental summer camp/academic intervention program. The program is for youth ages 8- 18 to fulfill our ultimate objective of servicing youth academically and athletically starting in 2017. We are committed to providing an avenue for these young children to play basketball at the highest level with guidance as they transition from youth to adulthood.


We are here to mentor and develop these top tier young children and provide them with positive goals, leadership, life skills, support, discipline, and teamwork. We believe playing sports at any level is a privilege which is why we have an especially strong focus on academics.  As concerned leaders, it is our desire and goal to provide the tools for each of these children to reach their full potential both on and off the court.


We invite you to join this ideal opportunity to give back. I hope that you review this request favorably, as your support is greatly needed, and would make a direct impact on our youth. Please join with us as a partner in taking those new athletes to the next level!


Anything You Think Can Happen, Inc. is focused on providing long-term growth while giving a positive viewpoint in our communities’ thereby encouraging economic development for all.

Your donation is 100% Tax Deductible. Link to donate via PayPal or GoFundMe: http://www.anythingyouthinkcanhappen.org/donate.html our 2-Day Event Goal; is to reach $20,500.00 (equipment, uniforms, trophies, medals, refreshments, program materials, etc.).


Donations will be used for the “We All Win Basketball Academy” August 13-14, 2016 two day event. EIN number available upon request.


Donation/Gift by check please make payable to: ANYTHING YOU THINK CAN HAPPEN, INC.

(NOTES section of the check reference “We All Win Basketball Academy 2016” or “WAWB2016”).


On behalf of the Anything YOU Think Can Happen Inc. and We All Win Basketball Academy, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for any assistance you provide.





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