Bio: A 2011 graduate of Fordham University, Ryan recently completed a Masters of Theological Studies at Harvard University, with a dual focus in Judaism and faith-based Social Entrepreneurship. He believes that socially-conscious communities can organize themselves and go beyond routine charity by utilizing people and passions to tackle social problems and truly effect change. Ryan is concerned with prophets and profits. Ryan is a Rhodes Scholar semi-finalist, a Fulbright Scholar nominee, a two-time national essay winner, and the founder of the Bronx's Theatrical Outreach Program (TOP). TOP abridges classic works of literature and performs them for schools and community centers in the Bronx. The performances are followed by acting, reading, and directing workshops where the students get to be a part of the play they just saw, while continually building relationships with college-age mentors. He continues to mentor through programs like the Harvard Innovation Lab, the Futures and Options Program, and the New York State Education Initiative.
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