Bio: BIO Norena Barbella is a master at making things happen. Whether she's producing a jaw-dropping event, facilitating projects for A-list talent, or launching a worldwide charity project, she always creates the perfect blend of people, brands, and resources. She can do that because everyone trusts her. Anyone who works with Norena knows she's reliable, insightful, and incredibly creative. and they know she's a dream collaborator. That's why Norena's projects include Aretha Franklin at Carnegie Hall, Ray-Bans global ad launch with the legendary Ray Charles, and Elvis Costello’s performance at Ted Talks LIVE. That's why she's worked with the Entertainment Industry Foundation, Ray-Ban, Gibson Guitars, Tibet Fund, Hard Rock Cafe International, Stand Up to Cancer, and with A-list artists from Rufus Wainwright, Levon Helm, Lenny Kravitz, Janelle Monae and Debbie Harry and to NOLA treasures Aaron Neville, Alan Toussaint and Henry Butler. These iconic artists and brands know Norena can pull off the impossible and make everyone smile while she's doing it. Norena also helps people discover what they really care about. The way she listens and the way she asks questions brings people to a deeper understanding of their goals. That's the spirit behind THE GIVE, a passion project she launched that invites inspiring people to talk about the causes they believe in, then gives viewers the resources for supporting those causes themselves. A professional voiceover artist, Norena is an artist at heart and has been the voice of some of our favorite TV commercials, which further enhances her broad understanding of the entertainment industry and her inspiring ability to bring creative projects to life.
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