Bio: As an aspiring writer/editor, entertainer, and in all things related to business, Kelsey Hor has a passion for learning more about the media and entertainment industry. A recent college graduate from Sacred Heart University, Kelsey earned her degree in both communications and media studies while also studying business marketing. Previously she has been the head sections editor for both her college’s official campus newspaper and magazine, along with being a producer/writer/reporter for her college’s television news magazine program. She also loved being involved in the performing arts program as well as contributing her time to volunteer to her national sorority Theta Phi Alpha’s philanthropies. She has four years of collegiate expertise in writing, copy writing, video-editing, advertising and branding. Kelsey is currently looking to venture out into the professional world, seeking a full-time position or internship in the media business industry. While growing up she enjoyed reading magazines and wondered what it would be like to actually help produce one. Kelsey hopes to one day in the future work for a print and/or online magazine, especially for women’s health or interests, be involved in advertising/marketing/branding for a major company, or has aspirations of becoming a television entertainment news anchor. Contact Kelsey at
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