Bio: I am a formally trained biochemist, molecular biologist, educator, organizer, and self-taught oil painter and illustrator. At Nobel Laureate, Dr. Jack Szostak's Laboratory, I developed novel methods for monitoring ancient RNA self-replication. At Hampshire College, I created the first ever Science Alumni Intern position where I advised science students on how to include multicultural and feminist perspectives into their research. As project coordinator for The Institute for Science and Interdisciplinary Sciences, I developed and directed The Compassionate Knowledge project, where I organized weekly workshops and seminars on how to cultivate care, compassion, political education, and reflection into scientific research projects, in an effort to shift the culture of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Now I am using my passion for paints, pigments, other artist materials and my knowledge of chemistry to explore how we can sustainably produce paints and pigments and use less carcinogenic metals in the process. I am passionate about staying in the arts, sciences, education, and continuing to build caring supporting communities that can act as hubs of support for people who want to remediate and change our global culture of greed, competition, individualization, and violence.
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