Yohei Suzuki

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  • Entertainment

  • New York, NY

Yohei Suzuki is a filmmaker who focuses on social issues, especially those that relate to the African American experience. He has produced & directed a lot of documentaries, promotional videos, and music videos. In 2006, he produced an directed “Our Pride: The Spirits of Black Japanese in Georgia,” which was invited to the Asian American International Film Festival 2007 in New York, Washington DC Urban Film Series 2007, the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2008, Mix Roots Film & Literacy Festival 2008 in Los Angeles, and the International Black Film Festival of Nashville 2009, etc. Through his films, he hopes to encourage people of all ethnicities to be proud of who they are. He believes that films are powerful tools to inspire, motivate, and raise social awareness. Yohei Suzuki is originally from Japan. He received a master’s degree in Visual and Media Arts from Emerson College and is now based in New York.