Valentina Caniglia

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  • New York, NY

Valentina Caniglia is a bi-coastal experienced cinematographer who focuses her creative and technical knowledge to translate words into visual images. Valentina cinematography career spans dramas, comedies, music videos, commercials, industrials, television, web and documentaries using all kind of formats including: stop motion, special effects, time lapse photography, blue/green screen. She has participated in films in USA, Europe, Middle East, India, Asia. In 2010, Valentina was the cinematographer for The Festival Of Light and the film Return To Sender with Bill Cobbs directed by Ravi Malhotra. She teamed with Jerry Melichar, Distributor Services at Focus Features International, in the film Landlocked with Leslie Lyles and was the DP on 2nd unit of the film Paraiso Travel with John Leguizamo, Offical selection of the Tribeca Film Festival 2008. Valentina filmed the feature film “Pomegranates and Myrr” in Middle East, directed by Najwa Najwar with actors from the Oscar nominated foreign film “Paradise Now”. Valentina’s other work includes the film Vespertine, featured on Showtime, Ho Man!, Official selection of the Berlin Film Festival 2003, Nightmare, released in Europe, winner of the Chicago film festival 2005 and awarded at the New York film festival 2005 and The Woods Have Eyes, with Franky Adonis released in 2006. Her work as a DP can be seen on MTV, Channel Plus, ShowTime TV, RAI and numerous nationally aired commercials, such as British Airways, Ford directed, Nike, 2003 GBX, and 2004 GBX, both commercials received the Telly Award for two consecutive years. Valentina also lensed the music video of Aesop Rock, Fast Cars, first position on MTV 2005 music videos award, the Stain, Articolo 31, Enzo Gragnaniello and The Roots. In addition to Sailors, a documentary entirely shot on a cargo ship for 25 days, Caniglia’s feature documentary work includes Double Vision, Artwatch, New York Film Festival 2004 and Rage doesn’t sleep.