Tess Cacciatore

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  • Education & Non-Profit

  • Los Angeles, CA

Tess Cacciatore is an award-winning producer, videographer, journalist and social entrepreneur dedicated to advocating for peace, justice and equality. Prior to co-founding Global Women’s Empowerment Network, Cacciatore was the founder and executive director of the World Trust Foundation. Cacciatore has traveled the globe connecting youth-focused non-profit organizations. Cacciatore has spoken regularly at the United Nations and other international platforms on behalf of children and the important use of media and technology to bridge the cultures of the world. She has addressed thousands through numerous conferences, workshops and festivals, and millions through radio/TV appearances, including: “The Today Show,” “Prime Time with John Stossel,” “Waking Up in America,” “The Lisa Garr Show” and several cable talk shows and publications: Family Circle, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Des Moines Register, and Parenting Magazine. Cacciatore hosted a weekly radio show called “Live Feed” to raise awareness of the FEED 333 program under the World Trust umbrella from 2005-2008. She recently appeared in three feature films (“The Millionaire Mind,” “The Peace Project,” and “Voices of Women”). Cacciatore’ s career as a producer has spanned more than 20 years, and drives the global productions through GWEN. Productions and events include: Earth Day LA, Human Rights Symposiums for Youth, live-streamed broadcasts connecting world leaders at the United Nations and fundraising programs that have served the homeless and needy globally. She has traveled the US and abroad to conduct empowerment camps, workshops and mentorship curriculum. Cacciatore has participated on many boards including Women’s National Book Association where she held the position of VP and interim president of the LA Chapter, the board of Offbeat Prodigies, and is a founding member of the Women’s Speakers Association. In 2003 Cacciatore was awarded the Fete d’ Excellence for Human Rights at the United Nations for her work in educational entertainment.