Ryan Hartwig

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  • Entertainment

  • Austin, TX

Originally from Houston, Texas, Ryan grew up admiring films, especially the western genre. He attended the University of Houston where he studied communications and took creative writing programs shared by both UH and Rice University. While in college, Ryan worked at the UH production studio as a teacher’s aide helping with classes and student videos. After college, he took an internship with Paramount Pictures and Vantage and worked in Texas as a production assistant on the Coen Bros’s “No Country for Old Men” (2007), "There Will Be Blood" (2007) and “True Grit” (2010). After Vantage, he went on to work at smaller production companies working as a development assistant and script editor in the Los Angeles area. His passion and respect for the outdoors has led him to move back to Texas to pursue writing for a new genre, the “Modern or Contemporary Western” particularly set in the rugged country of south and west Texas. Currently working on his first contemporary western feature that he's written and co-producing.... Enjoys hunting, fishing, screenwriting and golf...