Michael Makrogiannis

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  • Entertainment

  • Asheville, NC

Raised by a loving and musical Greek family in Astoria, Michael was exposed to music at a very young age. Influenced by the bountiful late 90s music scene in New York, Michael started buying analog drum machines and synthesizers which began his journey into sonic exploration and waveform sculpting. After working as a DJ in New York, Michael decided to devote himself to his own music production, rather than play other artists' tracks, and left the concrete jungle for the swamps of Florida to further cultivate his skill and style. Due to his versatile musical abilities, Michael's resume includes production credits for soundtracking the indie film ’Turn Pike Killer’ as well as commercials airing throughout Europe. Michael is well known for his trance inducing tribal drumming, and admits that creating unique rhythms is where he shines. Dubbed "Captain Mike" by many of his friends, Michael has the gift of gab and and is skilled at improv both lyrically and musically. After years of fine tuning his talents, working collaboratively in the industry, playing at festivals, teaching music, and helping others through music therapy, Michael moved to Asheville, NC, home of the only Moog factory, where he is currently sponsored and playing live electronic shows.