Michael Leventhal

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  • Legal & Finance

  • Los Angeles, CA

Michael Leventhal is the founder of both MC Squared, The Law Firm, and MC Squared, The Consultancy. www.mcsquaredlaw.com Even before the Internet was a business model, Michael was helping clients create growth energy in the emerging new media space. As both lawyer and business consultant, Michael has been a leader in defining key aspects of nearly every major technological innovation in digital media including payment for electronic transmission of content, co-branding and cross-licensing agreements for online services, pay-per-click advertising, digital music downloads, TV/internet hybrids, user generated content, including development in Second Life. Michael has facilitated licensing, formation, development, planning, strategic alliances, and financing for hundreds of entertainment/new media/traditional media ventures—both start-ups and established—including Fox Interactive Media, MySpace, Pop.com, GoTV, Oversee.net, NEC, and the Interactive Television Alliance. The law firm/business consultancy combination is the ideal vehicle for any organization that wants effective strategic support. Michael goes beyond the drafting of agreements and filing of trademark applications to a deep understanding of the business, co-creating a clear overarching direction and the seamless weaving of business and legal projects into the fabric of the overall strategy. Since 2004, Michael has followed his ideology and applied his skills and experience in emerging industries to assist clients in the “Clean Tech” business, working with companies in advanced water filtration, sustainable living, small-scale wind power, large wind farms, Green media companies and more efficient engines. Michael is also working in NewSpace, with early-stage space-related projects. Michael is a frequent speaker at technology and space-related conferences, discussing strategies for the growth of entrepreneurial space companies.