Kim Lockett

  • Entertainment

  • NJ/NYC, NY

Originally from Springfield, MA, Kim recorded over 70 voice-overs for Big Y Foods, Inc. where she worked and created some of their computer based trainings and was also a news anchor for Big Y News—Big Y’s internal news broadcast. You can currently catch Kim in an OptiCare eye glass commercial and hear her voice on the website. Her recent work in theater includes Olympics Über Alles, Ensemble/Solo: Jerusalem of Gold, directed by Eric P. Vitale, Sam Bernstein & Marguerite Krupp, Playwrights, MA and the original musical Children in The Playground, Joanna Marie/Soprano, written and directed by Ben Smith, DREAM Studios, MA. Kim is a distributor for Organo Gold – THE healthy coffee! She now resides in the NJ/NYC area and is pursuing an acting career.