Jennifer Farley

  • Education & Non-Profit

  • Suzhou, China, Global

How may I help you tighten up your paragraph writing in English? Or generate publicity for a worthy cause? Perhaps you know an international student for whom English is a second language and they need college counseling and application profess guidance. I'm a career communications specialist with a side interest in renovating residential real estate. Prior to relocating to China in August 2015, I was a design and enterprise writer, mostly for publications covering New York's Hudson Valley or the Upper Connecticut River Valley. I own small homes in both regions. I write marketing copy these days as a freelancer, and I'm in the process of earning my U.S. Department of Education teaching certificate in English Language Arts. I have recently signed a two-year contract to work in Suzhou 10 months a year. I'm a third-generation Ivy League graduate and directly descended from the Oxford-educated army surgeon at Jamestown; my father grew up in Scarsdale, and I was born in Manhattan and have periodically lived in Yorkville. I love dogs and have rescued many but my current lifestyle precludes having any. I'm a vegetarian, yogini, fervent non-smoker, reflexology enthusiast and autodidact in aromatherapy. I have previously lived in Singapore, England and Italy, and plan to visit Slovenia and Bhutan next. I deeply appreciate this fantastic opportunity to be of service. In particular, I'm in a position to give job advice and also can help place educators and industry specialists in Suzhou and Shenzhen. Do not hesitate to contact me for editing services!