Janet Oseroff

  • Fine Arts

  • New York, NY

  • Delray Beach, FL

Music and entertainment industry veteran Janet Oseroff has worked globally in multi-media deals and management of product and talent in music, comedy, film, television, digital, live shows, publishing, and books and has been part of trends that became industry standard and culturally mainstream. She has worked with legends as diverse as Ronnie Spector, The Rolling Stones’ film Gimme Shelter, Soupy Sales, Jimmy Cliff, Chris ‘Animal House’ Miller, Kenny ‘the real Seinfeld’ Kramer, Atlantic Records and many more. Plus she is driven to write, record and perform contemporary music that is inspired by 1950s rock and roll as with her album New 50s Music For Today. She plays keyboard, she is writing a stage show for the album, and a stage show/film using many songs from her catalogue. And she writes mystery novels – all under the name J. E. Laine - www.jelaine.co (co not com). She has appeared in three major motion pictures (Marjorie Morningstar, All By Myself: The Eartha Kitt Story, and The Record Man) and is pursuing acting. She is a member of The Friars Club. Her music business is with her MultiMediaProperties LLC, her books are published through her Beachbooks Entertainment Inc. - and her music is published through her Soggy Music – BMI.