Jake Lazarowitz

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  • New York, NY

For almost a year, Jake Lazarowitz has been acclimating himself to a post-graduate lifestyle. Graduating from William Paterson University in the Spring of 2008 with a B.A. in English, Jake has been steadfast in his career pursuit having found freelance challenges in sports marketing and administrative positions. Jake’s background in public relations runs nearly three years and he continues an ambitious effort to find a rewarding opportunity in the field. Additionally, Jake looks forward to one day working at a top book publishing company as an editor. Coming from a creative family of musicians, Jake is an avid reader and writer; and while not seeking his place in society, enjoys working on a number of creative projects in film, music and graphic novels. Currently a rambling man, Jake lives and travels between his mother’s home in Springfield, New Jersey and father’s home in Warwick, New York.