Erick Macek

  • Entertainment

  • Los Angeles, CA

Erick Macek sees his music as an unending expression of daily life. “I create. I love. I fail. I do it again. I live. I learn. I love harder.” This message rings clear in his latest self-titled EP. The EP was fully crowd-sourced and is filled with guest appearances. Mikal Blue, who holds a Grammy for his work with Jason Mraz, produced, mixed and engineered the project. Erick, and co-writer/vocalist Kate Earl, were accompanied by bass player Dean Dinning, from Toad the Wet Sprocket, on their duet You Say. They produced two versions of the song, one of which Earl will also release later this year. Macek says, “I joke about being an international hugger and high fiver. These gestures, along with my music, only scratch the surface of how important the word love is in my life, and how much I want to express it moving forward.” His song Love articulates this idea. Over the past year, songs from Macek’s prior album, Colors May Change, have received a tremendous amount of music placement. CBS used his work in the series Life Unexpected, Melrose Place and 90210. The feature film The Opposite Sex, which stars Mena Suvari and Geoff Stults, used Long, Long, Time for the closing credits. Macek has also earned multiple accolades throughout his career including “Male Vocalist of the Year” at the LA Music Awards, a national winner earning him 25k at the Musicpalooza competition, among multiple song nominations. He was also a contestant on NBC’s The Voice. To see more, please visit