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Cynthia Drew is a veteran finance analytical professional with broad global capital markets experience, with expertise in trading technology and international private and commercial banking. More recently, she has developed a strong command of copyright law and music licensing, and recorded music money flows. With intellect, intensity, & integrity, Cynthia delivers powerful business intelligence that drives P&L growth and increased operational efficiency. She earned a B.B.A. Finance from Hofstra University, and an M.B.A. Finance with Honors from Adelphi University. She has held finance leadership roles at Pico Quantitative Trading, NYSE Technologies, and the Worldwide Leumi Group. She has considerable expertise in helping firms grow the bottom line and currently provides thoughtful and energetic support to her corporate clients, since the 2015 launch of her successful consulting firm, EAST 84TH STREET ANALYTIC$ LLC. Her blog, which focuses on finance, technology, and music, from both a business and fan perspective, has earned positive reviews and a growing following. She is also an international correspondent for Rock&Roll fan website Myles Kennedy World. Cynthia is never at rest and continues to follow her passions. She is currently pursuing a Professional Certificate in Music Supervision (anticipated April 2018) and a Masters Certificate in Music Business (anticipated December 2018) at the prestigious Berklee College of Music online program, and relocated from the upper east side of Manhattan to the Hollywood Hills area in southern California in the summer of 2017. Cynthia is a recently retired level 10 certified USA Gymnastics judge and Treasurer of the NY State Governing Board. As a former child competitor, Cynthia’s passion, combined with boundless energy and extraordinary work ethic, led her to return to the sport in 1999 after a 14 year hiatus, to ultimately claim a Gold and Silver Medal on Floor and Vault in the 2001 Empire State Games Masters Competition. She served on the Board of Directors of her upper east side pre-war COOP, as Treasurer and President. She led the charge for the COOP’s first amortizing mortgage and crafted a 10 year plan with zero maintenance increases. When Cynthia is not busy working and advancing an important cause, you will probably find her in the first row of a major gymnastics competition, at a Rock&Roll concert or book signing, or at an advanced screening of a horror film with a legendary rocker.