Carol Scott

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  • Health & Wellness

  • Long Beach, NY

Carol Scott is the C.E.O. of ECA World Fitness. An international organization for Fitness Professionals. She is an International presenter, speaker and consultant for the fitness industry. Carol has spoken on such varied topics as fitness workouts and trainings, programming, and nutrition to branding and creating marketing strategies. She has appeared on network TV, featured in Newspapers and magazines including the New York Times, and consults for Fitness Publications and Brands worldwide. She is the recipient of 2003 Program Director of the Year award from IDEA, Health and Fitness Association. Carol is the former National Director of Group Fitness for Equinox Fitness Clubs. She is sought after for her ability to identify and create fitness trends, and her successful marketing and advertising campaigns. Her fitness philosophy mixes results with fun. “Be Yourself, Everyone else is taken” Oscar Wilde.