Anne DeSantis

  • Education & Non-Profit; Entertainment; Health & Wellness

  • Philadelphia, PA

Born and raised in the Philadelphia, PA area, Anne is 50+ and has an excitement for her new career in modeling and acting. She is a wife and mother and has two beautiful teenage daughters whom she spent many years as a “stay at home” Mom and successfully homeschooled them. Her background is in education and in fitness, and she loves her new found career in acting and using the gifts she’s been hoping to use for many years. Her biggest passion in life is spreading love to others through small but meaningful acts of kindness, prayers and those who are struggling with both the large and small things of life. Anne hopes to inspire others to believe in the good in the world, in God and in making a difference for other people through a smile, a kind word and using the talents that God has given to every single person alive. She is excited to make a difference through her new found career, and she believes that everyone has something good to share with others!