Andrew Wolmer

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  • Delray Beach, FL

Andy Wolmer has spent a lifetime in service to others. His early career began at “Windows on the World” restaurant at the World Trade Center. There he learned the fine art of creating ambience as a captain, maître d', and sommelier. Later, as a concierge for high-end hotels, he helped his guests effortlessly ‘achieve the impossible,’ eventually landing him opportunities to cater two winter Olympics. Shifting his attention from hospitality, Andy began successive careers in health insurance sales and property management, where he provided creative solutions tailored to suit his clients’ unique needs. Then one day, his life forever changed. While driving on the interstate, he was struck with sudden blindness, leading to a car accident, a 6-week hospital stay, the revelation of a massive brain tumor, and a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. Scouring the globe for a cure, he miraculously found a German clinical trial which thankfully resulted in an almost complete recovery. However, his painful medical ordeal led to a period of opioid addiction. When he finally broke free, he experienced new compassion for others suffering from physical and emotional trauma. This compelled him to volunteer with the MS Society, become a certified life coach, and eventually work for a psychiatrist’s medical practice. Today, Andy is continuing to make an impact by serving as a volunteer, and by providing fee-based concierge services: His volunteer interests range from recovery and rehab support services to advocating for the elderly and disabled.His concierge services, under his company “EdgeAge,” range from wine consulting to travel booking to construction management. He also connects people with resources for elder care, insurance, rehab programs, personal shopping and nutrition. Andy is grateful to his mother who was his guiding light and taught him to treat every person with dignity and respect. His daily motto is a testament to her inspiration: “As always, I’m at your service.