Opening for Part-Time Merchandiser (San Francisco – Bay Area)

Mayer Berkshire Hosiery- San Francisco Bay Area, CA

$15.50 an hour – Part-time

Ladies hosiery company is looking for a local independent rep to join our team of merchandisers part-time, for leading department store, Macys to merchandise our tights and hosiery in the San Francisco, Ideally, we are searching for for someone that is already merchandising another line in the department store .

Stores to be serviced : Macys :

Bay Fair, San Francisco, Union Square,

Hilltop, and Fairfield, Solano. Total hours would be 13 hours per month.

Berkshire is the number one leading Brand, it is sold in Department Stores and Specialty stores in the Southern California Bay Area and across the country.

Responsibilities :

  • Organizing our products according to a plan-o-gram
  • Filling in fixtures from Stock room and or draws below fixture
  • Snapping pictures of your fixtures before and after your work on your i pad or cell phone
  • Educating store customers on the benefits and quality of our brand
  • Communicating store needs or trends back to our sales manager with weekly store visits.


Iphone or Ipad, with IOS operating system or Android

Reliable Car


We will provide brand training, product training, samples, swatches, printed material, etc..

We will train you to be an expert in the Berkshire Brand.

If you are interested in this job, please respond with a summary of your work experience, and a copy of your resume .

Amy Mayer, Regional Coordinator

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $15.50 /hour

“Dental & Vision for Everyone!” – Advisor Aaron Beaudette

We make buying Dental & Vision simple.

Dental plans for all budgets & needs.

That’s why we call it “Dental & Vision for Everyone!”

About “Dental & Vision for Everyone”

  • Affordable dental insurance plans for individuals, family, and seniors
  • Insurance quotes from top carriers in the industry
  • Plans available in 49 States
  • Dental & Vision plans with no waiting period

Check out Advisor Aaron Beaudette site to review and compare low cost dental insurance plans with comprehensive charts that feature plan highlights, rates, deductibles and co-pays.

No Paperwork!

  • Online Enrollment
  • Online Payment
  • Online Fulfillment

Plan Options

  • Indemnity
  • PPO
  • Discount Plans


Send an email to

(don’t forget the Gold as we have another Lisa in the office!)

Your submission MUST HAVE a link to your (aka page.  Include your phone number, whether you are currently represented and/or working with a manager as well.

This is the site that 95% of all commercial casting is done with.  Yes, there are others, but I’m focusing on this one to start.  Have it “tricked out” as much as humanly possible.  Great photos – a variety showing and representing looks that you would be doing in life…casual, business, some action, etc, media clips attached to the projects/activities they are from and/or a video reel.  Have your commercial related credits right at the top, i.e. commercial work, print, industrials, even voiceover.  Put commercial classes and training at the top of the training section.

I’m looking for ALL TYPES and AGES, Union and Non-Union and especially need folks with SKILLS in real life.  Certifications, high levels of expertise in areas, or have another real profession. It has been an eye opener to me that producers want REAL PEOPLE.  But real people can’t act necessarily, so they want actors to ACT like real people and they also want you to have a great familiarity with the reality they seek.  Real chiropractors, real dog walkers, real families with toddlers, real yoga instructors, real paramedics.  Get the drift?  Click all of those boxes under skills and the level of experience.  In other words, go over this platform with a fine toothed comb before you submit.

Please include any specific information about yourself you think will get me jazzed to work with you or a “memory jog” of how I may know you in your cover note.

I regret that I will be unable to respond to all of the submissions I know will be coming my way.  This doesn’t mean I don’t love you! It just means there’s not enough TIME in the day to do it all.  I will be setting up in-person appointments all throughout January at our offices.

PLEASE NOTE:  You must LIVE in the greater Los Angeles area or within a reasonably commutable distance.  This biz is FAST and most auditions have about a 24 hour notice!

Though we are bi-coastal and have offices in NYC, we do not yet have a commercial department there.  However there are plans to open one this year.  I’ll let you know!

Glassbeat Music – Year End Update

Happy Holidays From Glassbeat 

Sarah has been busy with a number of exciting projects and new artists.

On December 2nd, Polina Goudieva, Sarah’s longtime artist collaborator, released the single ‘Running‘ – for Polina’s new project entitled “Contessa”. The song co-written with Sarah and Fredro Ödesjö premiered on VEVO and is available on iTunes. Please listen here.

After an eventful trip to London Sarah co-wrote with Jon Kelly (Kate Bush) and
Connor Reeves, among others, at the amazing TILEYARD studios. Sarah has also ventured to LA and Nashville this past Fall.

In Nashville, she and Alec Chambers co-wrote songs for Alec’s next project with Brock Berryhill (Twenty One Pilots), Thom Donavan (Nashville TV series cast member) and Cary Ott.


Running (Video Teaser) – Contessa


Other news: Alec and Sarah’s song ‘CAROUSEL’ , co-written with Philip LaRue (10th Avenue North), was a finalist in the Unsigned Only song contest.

Alec has been touring extensively with his band and  performed at numerous festivals and clubs across the Northeast. He has been actively growing his fan base and is closing in on 15k Youtube followers. Check out his page: here.

Alec Chambers’ next gig in NYC is December 20th @ 8 pm at Rockwood Music Hall 
Please come on down.



Copyright © 2016 Glassbeat Music, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
Glassbeat Music 
41 Union Square West
Suite #634
New York, NY 10003


Ballet Tech Fundraiser

Ballet Tech ranks in the top .00000001% of students who can point their feet and pirouette.


It’s safe to say Ballet Tech students are quite impressive young citizens. They work hard in English, math, and science classes, and they score above and beyond on their state exams.

But what’s more? They are incredible dancers! With their sights set high, it is easy to see that our students exceed expectations!

Will you help us support our students by contributing to our tuition-free school? Giving is easy! Just click the button below to make a tax-deductible gift.

Donate Now

Instructions for “FloBel Connect” App

Step 1. — Register your account at, with your email and a password you will remember. You will get a confirmation email once your account has been approved. NOTE: Even if we have your bio, registering connects your email to your advisor profile, so everyone should register. Any duplicates get sorted out on the back-end.


Step 2. — Download the iOS app from


Step 3. — Once the app has been downloaded, open it. On the bottom right corner of the screen, click the gear icon that reads ‘Account.’ Login with your email and password from Step 1. This will allow you contact other advisors and edit your profile.


Step 4. — On the bottom center of the screen, click the people icon that reads “Advisors.” On this tab, you can search for advisors by name, interests, and profession. Just type the keyword for what you are looking for in the top of the screen.


Step 5. — Once you find an advisor you want to connect with, go to their profile and click “contact advisor” underneath their name. The app will request approval, and once that is given, you will be connected with the advisor.

Mama’s Porch

Momma’s Porch, a reading of the new black history play by advisor G.L. McQueary.

Produced by advisor Tony Wilkes, directed by Susan Watson Taylor and co-starring advisor Michele Baldwin.


“I’m blind because that was God’s will, but I see just fine.”

Momma’s Porch is a powerful journey of tears, fears, and triumphs through the annals of black history told by a self-effacing griot of her own life experiences from the porch of her family home. Michael Cordes, a young reporter is sent out to write a feel-good story on Ms. Sini Butler, a 106-year-old local African American woman. He expected the interview to be interesting and maybe even thought provoking. But what he wasn’t prepared for was just how much so. Ms. Sini’s life was masterfully intertwined with numerous historical African American figures. Through her own personal pain, her facetiousness, her wisdom, and her acquaintances, Ms. Sini’s life chronicles nearly 100 years of culture from the perspective of a rocking chair and a cold glass of lemonade.

Momma's Porch Reading

Momma’s Porch Reading

Momma's Porch Reading

Momma’s Porch Reading

Momma's Porch Reading

Momma’s Porch Reading

Momma's Porch Reading

Momma’s Porch Reading

Momma's Porch Reading

Momma’s Porch Reading

Momma's Porch Reading

Momma’s Porch Reading

Momma's Porch Reading

Momma’s Porch Reading

Momma's Porch Reading

Momma’s Porch Reading

Momma's Porch Reading

Momma’s Porch Reading

Momma's Porch Reading

Momma’s Porch Reading

Momma's Porch Reading

Momma’s Porch Reading

Momma's Porch Reading

Momma’s Porch Reading

Photo Credit to the incredible Chandra Brown at Chandra Divine Images. She can be reached at 212 470 4125 and for future shows. She comes highly recommended by the Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation.

The Mendez SOHO Salon

SoHo Salon Series

Mendez SoHo, Soho Strut and The Florence Belsky Foundation are delighted to share our Salon Series, occasional gatherings of collectors, curators, artists, writers and art enthusiasts who meet and mingle in a informal setting to show their works of art, discuss their sources of inspiration, and share their perspectives on the development of their artistic endeavor, as well as their choice of subject matter and medium.

About the Program Sponsors:

Mendez SoHo maintains a website and loft venue celebrating the creative legacy of Louis Mendez, artist, educator and bon vivant.  The Mendez SoHo Salon Series has been launched to feature selected artists and collectors who will lead lively and informative conversations focusing on their medium, technique, motivation, and inspiration.   For further information, visit

Soho Strut provides a direct line for business owners in SoHo to talk to each other, work with each other, and ultimately strengthen their businesses. New York can sometimes feel big and impersonal, which is why as the city continues to expand and grow it’s critical that there are networks in place to help neighborhoods maintain their unique community feel.  For more information, visit

The Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation, I Can Still Do That supports the arts through donations and charitable events. I Can Still Do That is the Foundation’s media generating arm, producing media projects and educational webinars with an emphasis on individuals in transition and intergenerational mentoring.  Florence Belsky founded the Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation during her lifetime. She was a firm believer in the power of networking and mentoring and the Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation continues to carry on that legacy.  For further information visit

Emily Rutgers Fuller

Sara Garden Armstrong

Paul Carlucci

Richard Haas

Laura Shechter

Harry Pincus
Margaret & India Evans
Rebecca Kelly Ballet
Hannah Moon
Trudy Craney with Gary Kessler